A Change in Scenery

Oh Mother Nature keeps us on our toes here in Ohiopyle! We love her though, and apparently she’s feelin’ the love because we have snow again! Last night we recieved a little less than 1″ here in Ohiopyle, in higher areas there is 2″ and we are expecting more throughout the day today. Let the skiing resume!

The rivers are still pretty high, we jumped from 3.5 ft. to 13ft on the Lower Yough yesterday. This morning on my way in to the office I stopped by the Natural Water Slides/Meadow Run to see how it looked. Amazing is the only word to describe it, with snow as a backdrop it feels like a different world.

The Natural Waterslides


My Favorite Gear of the Day is related to my tiny hike this morning! It’s was cold and wet while taking pictures at the slides and at one point I looked down to realize I was standing in about 3″ of water! Well I never knew it because my J-41 Valley Boots kept my feet dry, while my Smartwool Socks kept them cozy warm! I also was wearing my Mountian Hardwear Synchro Ski Jacket and my favorite Mountain Hardwear Dome Hat. It was such an enjoyable walk along the river this morning!

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One thought on “A Change in Scenery

  1. Erin Board

    Yay for J-41 valley boots! They are sooo comfortable! I loved mine so much that I wore them all to h-e-double tooth picks! Would definitely love get another pair… in size 9…

    The slides look sick! Buut since I’m not quite ready for the lower at 13 feet I’ll probably just stick to playing around at roll sessions in boats like a small Rev -ahem, ahem- which was a lot of fun -even in a pool- and trying out paddles like a carbon kevlar core bent shaft Double Diamond -cough!- which magically turns me into twice the boater that I normally am!

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