If you can’t Duct it…..

This week has been awesome for winter weather. The storm this week has dropped 20 inches so far. I’d like to tell you where the good pow stashes are but there are no friends on a powder day, especially with our limited resources around here. However I will share my gear pick of the week. There is one essential piece of gear everyone must have on all trips whether kayaking/boating/skiing/hiking/camping/ Duct Tape is a must have piece of gear.

I recently went on a road trip and decided I needed the space in my truck bed so I had to make my old roof box carrier work. Years ago the lid blew open after I forgot to lock it and an ice junk hit it resulting in a huge crack with the lid almost split in half. I didn’t have much time to get involved in an elaborate repair so I used a couple screws and a whole lot of duct tape! It made it to New England and back and is still kicking.

I also use duct tape for my play boat. I lost the drain plug and just wad up one piece of tape to fill the plug hole and tape it all up. So, for the many uses and saving my roof box Duct tape gets the gear of the week pick!

Much better then a warranty

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