the un-shoes have landed – Vibram FiveFingers

I never thought it would happen. But it just did:

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

Vibram Five Fingers are in-stock. And I really want to dislike them.

They’re a shoe that simulates not wearing a shoe. Bare-feet are free, these are not.

The name doesn’t even make sense. I could understand FiveFinger gloves, but we have toes on our feet.

But here I am, writing this blog post behind the counter, wearing a pair of FiveFingers:

From Drop Box

And I like them (it hurts me to type that.)

They’re really damn cool. I have a pair of the KSOs (keep stuff out), and they’re great. I’ve run, hiked, and longboarded in them.

The idea is that modern shoes offer too much support, and actually cause some injuries. Humans evolved to move around without shoes on, so Vibram made a foot-glove that lets your foot bend naturally, but still offers a little bit of protection.

The rubber sole is thin enough to let your foot feel big things like roots and rocks, but it’s just thick enough to keep things comfortable on gravel and other sharp surfaces.

For running and hiking, they take a little getting used to. You’re forced to have good form. There isn’t enough cushioning to slam your heels into the ground.

In the cold, I’ve been able to run on pavement when it’s about 30 degrees, but any colder and my feet start to go numb.

They’re super low profile, so they should fit into a boat without a problem. And the rubber is tacky and sipped for traction on rocks.

My dad has even expressed interest in owning a pair to use as “house shoes.” (He needs protection from the rough carpet.)

So there you go. FiveFingers. Good for running, hiking, looking like a pretentious yuppie, carpets, boating, long boarding, blogging and everything in between.


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2 thoughts on “the un-shoes have landed – Vibram FiveFingers

  1. Oh My! I was just dreaming about these shoes last night…in regards to the fact that they fall into the same category of mine as Uggs and Crocs. They look awful and I really want to hate them but….as anyone who as ever worn Uggs or Crocs know..they are damn comfortable. Uggs are warmer than my thinsulate work boots and Crocs offer support for my bunyan laden wide feet. Alas, I fear the Five Fingers may be next in the long line of ugly shoes I am thankful to own.

  2. Tom Susko

    My buddy who operates a Guide Service in Montana was just home and he had a pair on when we got together. We swears by them and convinced me. Did you get any 14’s?

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