Upper Yough Whitewater Releases

They’re Back!!

Weekly releases from Deep Creek Lake that create the fun machine known as the Upper Yough..  First release of the 2011 season is


What is an Upper Yough you ask?  First off, you have to say it right  YOUGH– actually rhymes with ROCK.     The Upper  is the section of the Youghiogheny between Sang Run, Maryland and Friendsville, Maryland.  This is 11 miles of wilderness canyon with a class v (5) whitewater rafting run in the middle of it.

"white water rafting on the Upper Youghiogheny"  "Class 5 rafting" "Upper Yough"


The Upper Yough is located in Garrett County, Maryland, an easy drive from Washington DC, 3 hours from the beltway, all on 4 lane interstate and you will be delivered to this wilderness playground.     If you are from the Pittsburgh area, you are even luckier, a short 1.5 hour drive from Pittsburgh and you are whitewater rafting.  White water releases occur at least twice a week from Deep Creek Lake starting in mid April and running until mid-October.  The schedule is a bit wacky but generally Monday & Friday and Saturdays starting in June. for detailed dates go to our whitewater rafting trip calendar

This white water rafting trip is for those who have rafting experience.  The river is “steep” and “technical”, that means that precision rafting skills are required.  Your guide will be providing you instruction and you will need to respond quickly and appropriately as you are hurtling down stream.  Due to the tight nature of the Yough, the rafting format is 3 guests and a guide per raft,  we use 12 foot self bailing rafts.    To be a guide on the Upper yough, takes years of experience.   Our Upper yough guide staff average 7 years of professional raft guiding experience.


"Rafting the Rooster Tail on the Upper Yough"

Jarrod, driving through the Rooster Tail in a new custom Upper Yough raft.

This trip is an absolute hoot!   Are you ready for a challenge.  Call Wilderness Voyageurs to reserve your trip, space is very limited…. 15 people per trip!

Secret for ya.. we have a season opener special that saves you $45..  use code WU when booking on line.








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