Upper Yough Class 5 rafting fun

Fridays during the summer mean Upper Yough releases.  And that translates into Class five, yes I said class 5 whitewater rafting.  Well some of you may ask what that means… check out these pictures from last week

Heinzerling rapid

It means big fun.  The Upper Yough is a technical river, so that means lots of twisty turny rapids as opposed to large water obstacles.  The Upper Yough has a maximum gradient of 120 feet per mile, lots of rocks to navigate around.  The Upper Gauley has a maximum gradient of about 60 feet per mile, and alot more water volume, so your rapids are more of the water obstacle nature.

Tommy's Hole Rapid on the Upper Yough

Tommy's Hole Rapid on the Upper Yough

Tommy’s Hole is one of the class 5 rapids in the Miracle mile.  This is the “guts” of the Upper Yough, 5 rapids in quick succession with the longest pool less than 50 yards long.

With scheduled dam releases from Deep Creek Lake we are lucky enough to be able to paddle this perfect piece of whitewater 3 times a week all summer long.  SO CAN YOU!  Get in your car and head to Friendsville, Maryland.   This is the closest class 5 rafting to Pittsburgh 1.25 hours, closest rafting to washington DC, 3 hours and also Cleveland.

What are you waiting for?  As my wife often says,  “what will you remember in 5 years?  Another day at the office, or a beautiful rockin day on the river?

see you out there.

Wilderness Voyageurs

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