KATY Trail sites

The KATY Trail is a  237 mile rail trail that crosses almost the entire state of Missouri.  Once a thriving railroad corridor, it is now a Missouri State Park and home to the longest rail trail in the United States and.   The Wilderness Voyageurs Bike crew is out doing some recon work.  We will be offering a june and September departure in 2012.

Doing the leg work and research to design a new trip is very difficult and taxing…..

KATY Trail wineries

Bill & Chris at work

We hope you will join us to enjoy the fruits of their work

2012 KATY Trail Bike tour details

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3 thoughts on “KATY Trail sites

  1. Katy trail is the longest rail trail in USA! Worth riding and staying in interesting towns.

  2. Grant Matthews

    I am interested in your Colorado trip, but was curious about the singletrack as your pics only show doubletrack and dirt roads. I might be more inclined to sign up now if I saw more of everything promised in the description, but understand you all were probably busy taking care of all the customers I saw in the pics. i am making up my mind whether or not to forge ahead by myself, go with WV or sign up with a local company in CO.

    • Hello Grant!
      The Colorado trip has a mix of single and double track, with the majority of the riding being done on double track. The scenery is spectacular and it includes some things not often found on other trips – like a night at a 10th mountain division hut for example. The scenery is spectacular and the trip is a blast. If you are still interested, we can have one of our specialist get in touch with you. Very sorry for the delay in replying!

      Happy pedaling. I hope you make it to CO one way or another!

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