Building a better guide bike

A good town bike for the guides needs to do three things:

1: Be mechanically sound enough to make trips from the store to town all day.

2: Keep employees off of our nice Cannondale Comfort rental bikes.

3: Survive drunken crashes.

With those things in mind, I grabbed a can of truck-bed liner:

And used it to hose down an old cruiser frame. The bedliner should keep the frame from rusting, and be durable enough to be dropped on the concrete porch at the store..

Since the bike is going to be left outside in rainy Ohiopyle all summer, I used a KMC Rustbuster chain. I’m not sure how much rust it’s going to bust, but it sure looks classy:

After I put the chain on and trued the wheels, it was testing time. Just to make sure everything worked, I locked the coaster brake and threw down some sweet skidz.

Then the coaster brake broke, and the wheel fell off. The skid testing was postponed.

A chain link and a few turns of the wrench later, the bike was ready to shred again. I did some more destructive skids, and nothing exploded. Success.

The dangerously bent fork just makes the handling livelier. It’s a feature, not a problem (until somebody hits the rail road tracks too fast, breaks the fork, and shatters their face.)

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