Gear Swap and E-cycling in Ohiopyle April 14 at Wilderness Voyageurs

Spring cleaning for your gear

That snow board sitting in the corner you have not used in 2 years,  how about that old MAC SE 30 that is now a paper weight.  This weekend you can get rid of all those dust collectors by showing up at Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle.  What is a Gearswap you ask?

Bring any and all of the old gear you want, bikes, boats, skis, jackets etc…  Sales are between you and the buyer.  Wilderness Voyageurs just provides the space.

To help make sure that people who need your stuff will show up,  list the items you are bringing.

E-Cycling–  We partner with xxxxxx of Rockwood, Pa to receive all of your computers, tvs,  veg-o-matics. If it’s electronic and you are tired of walking around it throw it in the car and bring it to Ohiopyle.  There are small fees for certain items like TVs and monitors.

Bike Fitting  Matt Thomas, a professional bike fitter will be doing free custom fittings.  Have a nagging pain in your back after riding?  A few adjustments to your bike could make that pain disappear.

The swap is from 10 to 4 at Wilderness Voyageurs, 103 Garrett St, Ohiopyle PA 15470

Driving directions to Wilderness Voyageurs

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 800-272-4141.

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