Upper Yough Rafting Opens Friday April 20th

Horizon lines, Dream Stream, Sang Run, and Anticipation: what do these things have in common? Yep – Upper Yough season is upon us!

We’re getting excited…. our favorite Class 5 river is 3 days away from launch time! Deep Creek Lake will open up her gates on Friday April 2oth for the inaugural water release of the 2012 Upper Yough Whitewater season.  We call this section of the Youghiogheny River, the “Dream Stream“. You’ll can find out why – during your trip.

A day on the Upper Yough goes like this: You meet your expert Upper Yough guides at our Wilderness Voyageurs rafting center in Friendsville, Maryland. You start your rafting adventure at a tiny bridge in the middle of the Appalachian woods, called “Sang Run”.  The river is kind and gentle at this point, giving you two miles of gradually increasing swiftness and slowly growing canyon walls.  You get to loosen up your paddling muscles and learn how to work together with your raft team. Oh yeah, and the anticipation

This next bend in the river looks a lot like the last few; towering hemlocks, red bud trees and dogwoods in bloom, but the view of the river has changed.  Is that what you call a horizon line?  It really rocks on from here on the river! Check out the Class 5 whitewater action on the Upper Yough – 11 miles, Class IV and V whitewater.

If this is your idea of fun, learn more about the Upper Yough rafting trip here.
Bookings available 24/7 thanks to our friend the Internet. Reserve your space in the boat here.

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