Savage River Whitewater Release: The Bobsled Run of Rafting on June 3rd!

Savage River Rafting

The world class “bobsled run” of whitewater rafting, The Savage River only has 3 releases a year. Catch it Sunday June 3rd on it’s first run of 2012.

Raft like a world champion.  Yep, that’s right on for the Savage. We have a preferred description that’s even better though, and deliciously accurate and imaginative! The world class Savage River run is  “The Bobsled Run of Whitewater Rafting”!!!

What does that mean?  That means raft fast and furious down a wild mountain river that doesn’t have calm long pools to catch your breath. The Savage River is also the river  where World Kayak and Canoe Slalom Champions have been crowned.  It was the site of the 1989 Whitewater World Kayak/Canoe Championships.

The Savage River in Garrett County, Maryland stars in its first whitewater rafting release of the 2012 season this Sunday, June 3rd.  This is one of only 3 guaranteed whitewater releases for all of 2012.  Tucked in the southern corner of Garrett County, this little sister of the Upper Yough is little known and hard to stumble upon (except if you have expert contacts like our Wilderness Voyageurs staff to guide you down it.)

The Savage is 5 miles of continuous whitewater.  The largest eddy we will encounter all day is large enough for only 2 rafts at a time. Translation, it’s wicked fun and fast!

  • Raft the Savage on Sunday and raft the Upper Yough on Monday and save $35 a person. :)
  • 2012 Release Dates:  Sunday June 3rd, Sunday July 1st, and Saturday September 29th.

Where is the Savage River?        View Savage River Whitewater here on a Google map

Learn more about rafting the Savage River.

Contact the Wilderness Voyageurs office at 800-272-4141 if you have questions or would like to join us for a great day on the river.

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