Lonely kayaks in Ohiopyle: help stop the madness!

Ohiopyle needs your help!  A number of lonely kayaks were found today. Help stop the abuse by coming out and putting these kayaks back in the water where they belong.

Ohiopyle kayaks wilderness voyageurs

Kayaks waiting for you

How do you help?

1) Get in your car and leave the hot concrete jungle behind

2) Join us for a Learn to Kayak weekend  (next up July 28 & 29)

3) Arrive in Ohiopyle where the water temperature is a sweeeeet 65 degrees

4)  Follow the lead of your kayak instructor Josh. He is here to help.

Ohiopyle kayak instruction wilderness voyageurs

Lead Kayak instructor josh

5) Listen for the ahhhh and thank you from the kayak you just saved

6) Listen to your inner self saying thank you for taking me to the river

Kayaking in Ohiopyle wilderness voyageurs

Kayak & your sanity saved!

Call Wilderness Voyageurs at 800-272-4141 to get started  Learning how to kayak.  The kayaks thank you!

Wilderness Voyageurs, 103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle, PA 15470



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2 thoughts on “Lonely kayaks in Ohiopyle: help stop the madness!

  1. chris mockbee

    Need to rent large Shiva or stomper Saturday 8-25.

  2. nice post for people who loves kayaking. Sit on Kayaks & enjoy kayaking!

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