Ohiopyle Fly fishing Conditions 7-17-12

What’s Hatchenin’?

July 17, 2012

The Yough remains “the only game in town.” All of the tribs are very low and quite warm – water temps in the Yough are running 54-62 degrees and conditions are great for wading. With some additional rain we may see enough water for fishing float trips, but currently you should plan to wade and fish early or late in the day for best results.

Ohiopyle Yough River Hatches for July

Slate Dakes    sz 12-14

Light Cahills    sz 14

Yellow Darkes  sz 10

BWO             sz 14-16

Midges           sz 24-26

Tom Caddis     Sz 16

Sulphurs        sz 16-18

Micro Caddis   sz 20-22

Ohiopyle fishing

Caught on the Yough with a Hares Ear nymph 

Dale’s Tip of the Week

Insect hatches continue to be quite good. Most days this is an early evening phenomenon. You should be prepared to fish several different patterns and the fish may change their minds part way through the hatch. Recently during a two hour flurry of activity trout rose first to Slate Drakes, switched to Rusty Spinners and finished on Cahill Emergers. Be prepared!

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