Wilderness Voyageurs has been outfitting fun from Rivers to trails to Roads since 1964. Lance Martin, the company’s founder, began leading trips for the boy scouts in the late 50’s. As popularity of whitewater rafting grew, those trips gained momentum and Wilderness Voyageurs was born. Since then, the adventures have continued. The company still rafts. No longer just on the Lower Yough though. Whitewater Rafting trips are offered on a variety of rivers in the Tri-State West Viriginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland corner. Starting with  Class I-II on the Middle Yough, Class III – IV on the Lower Yough, Class IV-V on the Upper Yough to exciting runs on the Cheat, Tygart, Big Sandy and others. Wilderness Voyageurs also offers Kayak Instruction, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing. From those rivers and trails, lead to the roads.

Inn to Inn Bike Tours! Ride Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal from Pittsburgh to Washington DC on a 6 day fully supported rail trail bike trip. Or pedal through Gettysburg on the 6 day civil war tour or the beautiful country roads of PA on the Americana Tour.

Please call us at 800-272-4141 to learn more!

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Like Wilderness Voyageurs on Facebook


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice banner photo from ~1968. I’m in the white sweater in front of Nancy Tighe’s VW bug – with my red kayak on top (that I built on Ralph McCarty’s front porch). The Blue/White van behind belonged to Dick Holcombe. BTW – the night before we all got busted for camping where we shouldn’t have ;-)

  2. I have some; …I’ll have a look. I worked awhile for WV that spring. Think I have a related Baltimore Sun article from same period; …will find and send it your way.

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