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Meet The Cheat! Opening Weekend Video Action of Cheat River Canyon

Oh it was a MAGICAL first day on the mighty Cheat River Canyon. Opening rafting weekend at Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle started with a Saturday trip down the Lower Youghiogheny River and finished with a Sunday Meet The Cheat experience and gorgeous weather. A little grey on Saturday but the Lower Yough was fun, a great level, and perfect warmup to the Cheat River Canyon the next day.

Enough talking already! Check out the action here in our first video of the season on the terrific rivers of our Ohiopyle region. Haven’t been on the Cheat yet? Well, maybe this is the year to meet the biggest free-flowing river east of the Mississippi! Cheat River Canyon!

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Cheat River Rafting season 2 days away

Are you as fired up about this weekend of rafting the Cheat River as we are?

 Pictures of a day of rafting on the Cheat

Do you have some good photos of you having a blast on the Cheat?  Add them to the  post.

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Cheat River season Countdown

Can you say Spring time rafting action!

The Cheat River is the largest undammed watershed east of the Mississippi.  The whitewater action gets going in Albright, West Virginia where the Cheat River narrows and drops into the Cheat Canyon.  At this point the might Cheat River is draining 1000 Square miles of mountainous territory.


A shredder going big at Coliseum Rapid

When a river is draining this amount of land, the levels become quite unpredictable. This is what makes this river such a gem.  You literally never know what you are going to get until you wake up in the morning and check the river gauges.  Fortunately, these days we have internet access to water level gauges for 50 miles upstream of the Cheat Canyon put-in.  This helps for operational planning on the day of a rafting trip, most importantly what size raft are we going to use.  The Cheat can fluctuate 6 to 8 feet in 24 hours,,, yeehaw.  That is why we keep 3 different sizes of rafts at our Albright rafting base to accommodate the water of the day.    So if you are looking for something out of the ordinary and something to shake you out of your winter funk,,,  11 miles of Class 4+ whitewater rafting is what  Cheat River Rafting is sure to provide.

Also check out our 2012 kickoff rafting weekend for Cheat and Youghiogheny rafting specials..

Trying to decide what whitewater trip is appropriate for you, call us at 800-272-4141

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Many moods of the Cheat River

trying to take advantage of the river levels this past week…  Found us rafting multiple rivers in a day.  Fire off a run on the Lower Yough in the morning and then head to the Cheat Canyon in the afternoon.    The unintended consequence was being on the river at times of the day that are unusual, coming through Coliseum Rapid on the Cheat at 6:30 in the evening.  Way cool light!

"Cheat Canyon Whitewater rafting" "West virginia rafting" "Cheat River"

Late day on the Cheat Canyon

Rachel got these shots from the front of a raft!

"Cheat River West Virginia"

Are we alone?

"Cheat River rafting trip"

Good friends, good whitewater, Great times

Nothing beats spring time whitewater in West Virginia and Ohiopyle.

See you on the river ;)

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Spring time class 5 West Virginia Whitewater

Yeeha!!!!!!  the refrain echoing off of the canyon walls in the Big Sandy this week.  The Ohiopyle area received 1.5 inches of rain in 24 hours, this equals big time fun for us marginally employed raft guide types.  During the early spring we all arrive in Ohiopyle, like lemmings, no one is sure where we have been for the winter or exactly how we survived or managed to navigate back to this place.    Anyways  we do and this picture sums up why we do

Big Sandy Falls, "West Virginia Whitewater"

Wilderness Voyageurs staff running Big Sandy Falls in West Virginia

This is Ben Scoville, Wilderness Voyageurs‘ operations manager guiding a raft over Wonder Falls.  This is an 18 footer  folks!

"Wonder Falls" "big Sandy West virginia"

18 foot Wonder Falls on the Big Sandy

The Big Sandy is a tributary to the Cheat River, and is located about 30 minutes south of Ohiopyle.  This river is raftable only after significant rain storms, so it is a real treat.  It is one of the prettiest places around.  The canyon walls are too steep for it to have been logged, thus it is still covered by Rhododendron and Hemlock.

Big Sandy River West Virginia

Typical scenery along the Big Sandy

This time of year, there is not whole lot going on in the rafting world, so we all get to run around and kayak and raft all fo these col out of the way places.  If you have rafted with Wilderness Voyageurs before, you can sign up for the Adventurers Club and you may get a chance to visit some of these magical places.  The Club,  gets notified when their is sufficient natural flow in rivers like the Big Sandy and the Top Yough, or Indian Creek.  This is rafting that is not for the faint of heart,  all class V, in remote locations, usually involving waterfalls!    Do it once and you never know, you might become a lemming like us.

See you on the river  :)

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Cheat Narrows – Albright, WV

 Family Rafting Trip  -  Class I-II  - Wilderness Voyageurs

Wilderness Voyagerus Guided Cheat Narrows Trip

This Unforgetable Family Vacation is located just 45 minutes from Ohiopyle State Parkand is to the perfect introduction to the sport of White Water Rafting.  With Family Freindly, Class I and II rappids, Ducks are the #1 choice at summer level. Come out to Wilderness Voyageurs this Summer and Beat the Heat on the Cheat!

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