Ohiopyle Whitewater Rafting; first whitewater trip in North America in 2014

Ohiopyle rafting buzz was in the air yesterday.. as the first rafting trip of the year hit the Youghiogheny River.

Ohiopyle group rafting wilderness voyageurs

Wilderness Voyageurs hosted a college group from Illinois on spring break who were working on a Habitat for Humanity project.  Kudos to them for their community involvement and volunteerism.   What a great way to kick off our celebration of being the oldest whitewater rafting outfitter east of the Mississippi; Launching the first whitewater rafting trip in the US of 2014!!  That has us really fired up.

Rafting trip briefing Wilderness Voyageurs

Every rafting trip starts off with a safety and orientation talk.  Today we were focused on how to keep every one warm.  If you fall in, you need to be proactive about getting back to the raft and out of the water ASAP.  Here the trip leader Brian T. explains the proper way to sit in a raft and how to efficiently paddle together as a team.

The Yough River was running 6.9 on the Ohiopyle Gauge and the water was a bit on the chilly side, about 40 degrees.   This water level dictates that we use a bit larger of a raft than during average summer flows.  Today was 8 man rafts, with a guide at the helm. 

Ohiopyle spring rafting wilderness voyageurs

The lucky Ohiopyle raft guides that got to kick off this memorable year were Zane R., Adam aka Sherpa, Adam aka Grizz, and Brian T. Check out their “Blue Angel Formation” as they approach Cucumber Rapid.  These guys are true professionals, you would never know this is the inaugural trip of the year.  Although it is the first raft trip of the year, everyone has been out kayaking creeks and playing on the loop all winter. As a side note, if this sounds awesome and this lifestyle is screaming your name, think about joining our whitewater guide training program this spring.

Whitewater rafting ohiopyle cucumber splash

Well the reason why you come rafting.. to get wet. Hope everyone had their wetsuits and paddling jackets zipped up.  To check out more pictures from this trip, head on over to our whitewater rafting photo gallery on Google +.

Ohiopyle rafting 2014 trip 1

These guys and gals have got game..   Look at these big cheesers, note the snow on the banks of the Yough.   Well they did score  the first trip of the year,, but you can still get in on the early fun.  Our official Rafting Season Kick-off event is April 5th & 6th.  Come experience the Yough River and the Cheat River, get fed good food at the Falls City Pub, and dance to Rising Regina.  An Ohiopyle party to not be missed.  Come on out and have some fun with us.

Downstream is where the fun is!

We have mentioned Ohiopyle a lot,, not sure where or what that is??  Ohiopyle is a town and the largest state park in Pennsylvania.  Read about Ohiopyle.  Check out all the other outdoor fun that Wilderness Voyageurs has to offer: Ohiopyle outdoor adventures.

Wilderness Voyageurs, 103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle, PA 15470  800-272-4141



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Bike touring in Savannah, Georgia Bike Tour Recon!!!

Biking in Georgia Wilderness Voyageurs

Georgia bike tour development is looking to be a good gig,  Savannah has greeted us with clear blue, sunny skies, bike tour perfect!  After a lengthy road trip I was eager to ditch my car and substitute the four wheels for my preferred two wheels!  We are here on a mission to finalize some bike routes and decide on the final restaurants for our Georgia Gold Coast Bike Tour.

After a taking a few seconds to figure out Savannah’s metered parking system, I gladly took to the saddle of my bike!  First order of business – Savannah, GA’s bike lanes!  How cyclist friendly is the Southern Belle?  Is it worth riding for purposes beyond commuting?  What’s the deal with this Spanish Moss?  Where is the Historic District?  I wonder where the locals eat?  How much time is left on my meter …

All of a sudden the chitter chatter in my mind came to a halt.  I felt relaxed, calm, at peace … I was looking towards the sky, enchanted by the blanket of Spanish Moss overhead.  What is with this stuff?  Why am I so mesmerized by it?  As I approach Forsyth Park,  I decide to enjoy a snack on a bench under one of the fairy tale trees.  The park is full of life.  Children are playing, dogs chasing Frisbees or tennis balls, others are exercising. I spot a couple with the same idea as me – only they have a longer rest planned.  They came prepared with a basket of snacks and supplies and a large tapestry to host their picnic.  I smile and think of my favorite picnic spot back home.  A secret field atop the Laurel Highlands . .

Savannah Park biking Wilderness Voyageurs

I stuff the wrapper of my granola bar in the back pocket of my jersey in exchange for my map of Savannah.  Taking a sip from my water bottle, I examine the map and plan my next move.  I continue to follow the bike lane and find myself in awe.  I ride along Gaston Street, the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, amazed by the beauty and size of the mansions, Live Oaks and yes, you guessed it, more Spanish Moss!  This stretch of 4-5 blocks is stunning.  Time seems to slow down.  There is something about Historic Districts  that always does this to me.  I imagine the cars parked along the side of the road as horse and buggies combinations.  People talking on their cell phones become vendors of roses, milk, bread and various treats, in my mind.  The honk of a car brings me back to reality.   The light changed from red to green as traffic hurtles forward.  I shake my head and laugh a little at myself before pedaling away from my time machine street.

I find myself back at my car, lock up my bike, feed the meter and decide its time to feed myself too!  I walk down to the Riverfront District to check out the scene.  An ancient set of steps takes me down to an uneven brick road, stretching along the Savannah River.  A horse and buggy clomp by and I chuckle.  Food.  Ok, how to pick? There are so many options! After checking out a few menus, all I find is pub food.  Bacon cheeseburgers, crispy french fires, all washed down with an ice-cold draft . . . Nope, not today.  I’m in the mood for something else, something different . . .

I walk two blocks to my left and find a café who has just one spot at the bar left.  I duck in and instantly know I’ve found what I was looking for, the  Kayak Kafe.  The menu has a variety of carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and fish taco options!  Yahoo,,deciding on lunch took some time,  fish tacos with a citrus Pico of grapefruit, oranges, cilantro, jalapenos and white corn topped with avocado or a vegetarian Panini with walnut pesto and fresh mozzarella… (yumm) “Would you like more time to look over our menu?” Time to got to the pro, and inquire, “If you were in my shoes, would you get fish tacos or a sandwich?”  “I’d go for a sandwich, our bread is homemade and it’s amazing!  You can get fish tacos most other places and they are easy to make at home.”  I order the vegetarian Panini and thank the barmaid for her opinion.  I could not have been more satisfied with my sandwich.  The bread really is something you wouldn’t want to miss.  Now this is the type of place we like to include in our road bike tours!  I grab an Americano and hit the streets.

Turns out that touring Savannah, GA by bike is a blast!  It’s a great way to see the city at your own pace!  I think I have Day 1 of the Georgia Bike Tour dialed in.  Time to head south along the coast and figure out 3 more days of biking bliss.

Savannah Bike touring Wilderness Voyageurs

Due to the friendly terrain and the moderate weather, Georgia is an excellent biking destination to either get your bike season rolling, or bring it to an end. Join us on one of the Georgia fall bike vacation departure dates:

October 26th, 2014

November 2nd, 2014

Stay tuned for the next chapter of building a Georgia bike tour, this chapter was brought to you by Erin Graber, Director of Bike Tours here at Wilderness Voyageurs.

Wilderness Voyageurs – 103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle, PA  15470




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Ohiopyle Whitewater River Guide Training

Whitewater river guide!?!  In Ohiopyle!?! The wind is blowing and the patches of black ice are waiting to ambush the unwary and your mind is drifting towards the coming spring.  If you are imagining sore muscles, swimming in cold rivers, feeling equal parts fear and excitement, it may be you are a candidate for whitewater river guide training with Wilderness Voyageurs.  Make sure you check out the guide letter on the employment page link.

2014 is going to be a special year here at Wilderness Voyageurs.  We will be celebrating our 50th year in operation and I invite you to throw your helmet in the ring for a chance to  join the pantheon of river guides who have enjoyed a well earned beverage, sitting in the sun in Ohiopyle, remembering a day on the water, and looking forward to another one tomorrow.

Ohiopyle Raft Guide Training

Getting it Done on the Lower Yough

Being a river guide is not a job for the faint of heart, nor is the training.  It is more than a sexy life jacket tan.  At its core, river guiding is about taking a complete novice from point A to point B, making sure they aren’t killed in the process, while keeping a smile plastered on their faces.  It is responsibility not to be taken lightly.   More importantly, you are a gatekeeper to a wonderful world, a world of wild things!  Everyday you are given a chance to take someone through that gateway, out of their comfort zone and introduce them to a world where the wild things are.  That is a privilege, one that Wilderness Voyageurs does not take lightly, and it is reflected in our river guide training.

After you send in your exhaustive paperwork; cover letter, resume, application, and photocopies of your driver’s license and first aid and cpr cards, we will go through and call your former/current employers and references.  Then we go all “big brother” and look you up on Google and Facebook, so please be responsible and make sure your social media is cleaned up.  After all that is said and done we will send out the invitations to join us for river guide training.  If you accept, get ready for a time you will remember for the rest of your life.

The training will be led by head instructors, Rich Rostauscher

Ohiopyle whitewater rafting wilderness voyageurs

Get used to that look on his face!

and Josh Lawrey.                

Ohiopyle white water rafting near pittsburgh

“Good Cop”? maybe… maybe not.

They will take you under their wings, and put you through the paces, breaking you down and then rebuilding you into a whitewater machine.  Helping you to create the skills that will pay the bills.  Enabling you to safely escort the guests down the river, showing them a great time, and helping them escape for a few hours and reconnect to where the wild things are.

Josh and Rich will take you from the basics of how to hold a paddle (remember, it is not an oar.  You find those on street corners late at night) to how to paddle a raft all by yourself (the J-Stroke), to how to set up a Z-Drag to unpin a stuck raft, to how to swim through a strainer (They’ll even tell you what a strainer is).  Day one will begin with a little meet and greet and be followed up by a nice introduction trip to the river; a little paddling, a little splashing.  Day two and until the end of training, this formula will take over; You will meet in the morning for a little classroom time, then you will get wet, you will be uncomfortable, you will be tired, you may even get to “raft dance,” and you will either be chomping at the bit for more, or you will be ready to hang up your life jacket.  If you feel like hanging up your life jacket, give it a couple days.  Being a river guide is a doorway to whole new world.

Besides becoming a complete whitewater badass, another plus of training with Wilderness Voyageurs is that you will travel!!  This area of the Appalachians is teeming with quality whitewater, and you will be exposed to as much as we can expose you too.  From the Casselman and Indian Creek here in our back yard, to the Stoney Creek to the north, and the Mighty Cheat and the Big Sandy to the south,not to mention even more rivers, you will be able to tick off a number of classics before you are even a river guide!

Training starts with on our kick off weekend of April fifth and sixth, then runs through the weekend of May 17th and 18th.  There will be a break for Easter.  To get a better idea of what to expect and what you need to bring, just click here: I wanna work in Ohiopyle!!  And remember, you don’t have to be a river guide to work with us.  We are always hiring good people to work in our Ohiopyle outfitter store, at our reservations desks, in Falls City Pub and Restaurant, or driving a bus.  Looking forward to seeing some new smiling faces on the water with spring!



Benjamin Scoville  is the operations manager here in Ohiopyle. He is the guy that has the power of the pencil as we say.. He does all of the scheduling and overseeing rafts & trucks.

Wilderness Voyageurs, Inc.
PO Box 97 
Ohiopyle, PA 15470
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Best pizza cutter in the world!

Pizza in Ohiopyle wilderness voyageursWho doesn’t like pizza and biking in Ohiopyle?! Well maybe not at the same time…but can you believe there is actually a pizza cutter in the shape of a bike? And it actually works.  The gang over at Park Tool are serious about their tools, so you know this is world class, dependable pizza cutter.  And it also is a great smurf bike.  Imagine the laughs and smiles you will get when slicing into your favorite pizza with this fun kitchen accessory.  If you are into miniatures, you can park it in the diorama on your shelf, so you can keep an eye on it.  The pizza cutter has a large diameter, rolls smoothly, and is stainless steel.  It can slice through the toughest terrain and it’s dishwasher safe!  What a great gift for that special biker in your life!
park bike tools wilderness voyageurs  You can grab one of these fun bike pizza cutters at our  Ohiopyle outfitter store or order from our cool online gear store .  Don’t feel like cutting your own pizza?  No worries…we have delicious gourmet pizzas at the Fall’s City Pub!  Spend the day biking on the GAP Trail or Ohiopyle State Park mountain biking trails and then hit the pub for some gourmet pizza!  I tried the veggie pizza with pesto sauce and it is delicious!  Hope to see you on the GAP trail or the pub!

We carry this fun accessory at our Wilderness Voyageurs store!

We are very easy to find in the metropolis of Ohiopyle, located at the north entrance to town:

Wilderness Voyageurs

103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle PA 15470




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Whitewater Boy Scout Merit Badge… Ohiopyle is the perfect location

Ohiopyle has long been a scouters high adventure destination.  In fact, it was through scouting that our founders, Lance and Lee Martin came to Ohiopyle and founded Wilderness Voyageurs.  Today, we are the largest provider of scout high adventure programs in the mid-atlantic.   One of the most popular programs that we offer for Boy Scouts  in Ohiopyle is the Whitewater Merit Badge.  It involves two days of in depth instruction, utilizing three different whitewater crafts, and three different sections of the Youghiogheny River.

You will need a prerequisite merit badge in the form of a Canoeing Merit Badge.  Even though you can have either a Kayaking Merit Badge or a Canoeing Merit Badge to qualify for the program, we ask that you have the Canoeing Merit Badge due to the demands of the first day on the river.

Middle Yough Rafting Ohiopyle

Finding the Clean Line!

Meet at Wilderness Voyageurs main campus, get issued your safety equipment, enjoy a safety briefing and hop on the bus to the Middle Yough put-in. Day one of the program is in two person canoes.  The group will be paddling down the Middle Yough.  Once there, you will grab your paddles and canoes and hit the water.  Down stream you will find class I and II rapids where you will practice paddle strokes, rescues, reading rapids, and, most importantly, have fun.

Day two will be spent in and around Ohiopyle.  The first part of the day will be spent in the wonderful whitewater class room that is Z rapid.   A class II-III rapid with multiple chutes and a big gentle pool at the bottom, it provides a wide variation of challenge and opportunity for the novice and intermediate paddler.  Get ready to wet exit, eddy turn, attain, and paddle hard!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Whitewater Merit Badge Wilderness Voyageurs

Boy Scouts Learning to Kayak




Wilderness Voyageurs Whitewater Merit Badge

Ducking it Up!

After lunch it will be time to hop on a duckie, an inflatable sit on top kayak, and paddle the Loop. For a complete overview of the duckie, check out our duckie video.  

The Loop is the first mile and half of the Lower Yough, and consists of seven class II-III rapids.   Starting just below Ohiopyle Falls and ending just before the high bridge, this section is a wonderful way to finish off an amazing two day adventure.  

In addition to the scouts earning a truly unique merit badge, we hope to turn them into whitewater enthusiasts and maybe even a few will become river guides.

Looking forward to having your troop down to Ohiopyle and on the river with us!

Stop in and chat with us if you are in the area and want to know more about this really great program.

Read about other Merit badges in Ohiopyle..



Benjamin Scoville

Wilderness Voyageurs, Inc.
103 Garrett Street 
Ohiopyle, PA 15470
800 272 4141
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Ohiopyle fishing conditions May 1

April 30, 2012

Yough fish Wilderness Voyageurs

Nice Brookie!

Melting snow! And a little rain has raised the river levels a bit. Good conditions prevail on the Yough and its tributaries. The Yough has a little color from the Casselman but continues to fish well. With the amounts of rain in the forecast fishing should be good thru the weekend.


This is the “prime time” for  hatches in the Laurel Highlands. On any given day the stream you are fishing will see four or five different may flies and at least several caddis flies. Be prepared with these patterns in your fly box:

BWO sz 16-18

Blue Quill sz 16

Quill Gardon sz 12-14

Hendrickson sz 12

March Brown sz 12

Peacock, tan and gray Caddis sz 14-18

Gray and Black Midges sz 20-24

Guides’ Tip of the Week

The dry fly fishing has been outstanding this spring. Beginning with the winter stones in February. We have had surface action every week. The hatches are day time events varying in time from as early as 10am to afternoon hatches around 3 o’clock. Caddies hatches call for a sunken pattern as well an adult dry. Nothing works better than the La Fontaine Sparkle Pupa- You should carry this pattern in gray, brown, tan, ginger and green, in sizes 12-18. Fish it by itself or on a dragger with your dry fly. If it gets a little slow, you may have to nymph but its been several weeks since we haven’t had some dry fly action each day. Good Fishing!

Ohiopyle Fishing conditions report page

Wilderness Voyageurs, 103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle PA, 15470




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Winter Adventures in Ohiopyle, PA

Ohiopyle Winter Wilderness Voyageurs

Ohiopyle Falls with a frosting

Boating, rafting, hiking, climbing and biking are some of the main draws to our little gem of a town, Ohiopyle, PA.  Winter brings a different flavor of adventure!  It offers visitors a different feel, from a quiet place to get away or a chance to meet and make friends with the locals at Falls City Restaurant and Pub.

Yesterday, I was looking for a quite place to get away.  I put on my long johns, prAna Halle pants, a Polartec Fleece from Mountain Hard Wear, and a beanie from Lole!  There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!  Thanks to our shop at Wilderness Voyageurs I was prepared for anything!  I grabbed my skis and borrowed a friends’ dog.  We took off to explore Ferncliff Peninsula.

Ohiopyle Ferncliff Peninsula Wilderness Voyageurs

Erin enjoying a Ferncliff ski

Starting on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) we headed north.  Shortly after, we took a left on to the Ferncliff Peninsula, meeting up with Oakwoods Trail.  I was lucky enough to be the first to pass through since last nights’ snowfall.  With the pup leading the way, she helped to break tracks, making it slightly easier to “kick and glide” my way through the woods.

Ohiopyle Ferncliff Peninsula Wilderness Voyageurs

At the end of Oakwoods trail we dropped down to the right on Buffalo Nut, then continued on Ferncliff towards the famous 20 foot Ohiopyle Falls.  I wouldn’t recommend skiing this route if you are just getting started.  However you can easily kick off your skis and hike the rest of the way!  A few challenges I encountered were dodging and ducking under rhododendron bushes, making turns to avoid the steep downhill/cliff leading down to the Youghiogheny River and a narrow trail.

Ferncliff Peninsula Wilderness Voyageurs

It’s the obstacles along the way that make for some of the best memories and moments.  Bundle up, get outside and enjoy winter!

This post was written by Erin G. Director of bike tours and a year round Ohiopyle Resident.

Wilderness Voyageurs, 103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle PA 15470



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Ohiopyle Cross Country Skiing Nirvana!

Customers often come into the Wilderness Voyageurs store and ask me what there is to do around here in the winter.  Well, since we got this 10 inch snowfall…cross country skiing!!!  There are some amazing trails in Ohiopyle State Park for all skill levels.  If you are looking for a flat and easy trail the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail is perfect.  The state park will usually groom the bike trail if we get enough snow.  Looking for more of a challenge? Sugarloaf mountain is fun and offers more downhill action.  Sugarloaf often has snow when the park doesn’t, due to its higher elevation.  You can park in the snowmobile area and just follow the hiking trails.  Laurel Ridge State Park and its groomed cross country ski trails is only 15-20 minutes from Ohiopyle.  The Ohiopyle State Park camp ground is another great option, with a series of trails looping out from the camp ground complex.  One the one hint for those trails; make sure it has been under freezing for week or so.  The trails can get boggy.  No fun to get a wet ski.

Ohiopyle Sunset Wilderness Voyageurs

The sun setting on another great ski on sugar loaf.

Ohiopyle winter Wilderness Voyageurs

Fresh turns to be had at an undisclosed location.  

Ohiopyle trails Wilderness Voyageurs

The Great Allegheny Passage prime for cross country skiing fun

Don’t like skiing? Bring along your hiking boots and check out all the beautiful winter scenery in Ohiopyle.   Cucumber falls freezes over and the Ohiopyle Falls turns beautiful shades of blue, you just don’t see in other seasons.  Please, don’t forget to stop by the Wilderness Voyageurs store for warm layers and winter gear.  Winter clothing and gear is now 20 percent off!  Just in time!  Winter just got here!  On Thursdays you could do an after work cross country ski, get warm and stretch those muscles in yoga, and hit the Falls City Pub for some delicious homemade pizza and a refreshing beer.  The Falls City Pub has great homemade food specials and a wonderful beer selection.  Plus it is toasty warm.  Hope to see you there!

This post written by Kate the store chick.

Wilderness Voyageurs  103 Garrett Street,  Ohiopyle, Pa 15470




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Staying warm in Ohiopyle with the Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket

We might be warming up a bit here in Ohiopyle from last week’s deep freeze, but it’s still winter so it is crucial to have the proper gear to stay warm.  Growing up in Wisconsin exposed me to brutal cold temps to the point where you cannot even stand being outside.  That was back in the day where your mom dressed you up like the kid from “A Christmas Story.” Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down JacketToday I found the PERFECT jacket to stay warm, comfortable, and stylish.  I ventured out for an hour hike in the windy 9 degree weather wearing the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket.  At first I questioned how this thin, 8 ounce jacket could possibly keep me warm.  I noticed right away that my core was warm and I did not feel the extreme wind anywhere but my face (must wear scarf next time). Ohiopyle Falls in the winter As I started to get my heart rate up I became very comfortable and warm.  I had a lot of movement in my arms without any bulk.  The jacket is breathable, moisture resistant, and has a stylish fit.  It can also be packed down very small for travel! Don’t believe me?  Check out the specs: The lightest down jacket anywhere now with Q.Shield™ Down. The sub-eight-ounce Ghost Whisperer Down is pared down to perfect essentials: 850-fill Q.Shield™ down, zip-pockets and a cinch hem. Specially formulated Q.Shield™ Down resists moisture and retains critical loft even in damp conditions for consistent, dependable warmth. Features

  • Quilted construction holds insulation in placeimages (2) images (29)
  • Two front handwarmer pockets
  • Low profile, insulated hood
  • Jacket stows in pocket
  • Lightweight single pull hem drawcord

The Basics

Weighing in at just 7 ounces, our 7 denier ripstop nylon fabric and super compressible 850F Q.Shield down combine to give you warmth without the weight.

  • Apparel FitActive
  • Weight7 oz. / 198 g.
  • Center Back Length25 ” / 64 cm

imagesMaterialsimages (3)

  • BodyWhisperer 7D x 10D Ripstop
  •  100% nylon
  • InsulationDuvet Q.Shield™ 850

I would recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a great piece of winter gear.  The Wilderness Voyageurs store carries the Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket in many sizes and colors for men and women! The jacket is now 20 percent off!! Come into the Wilderness Voyageurs store or click here to buy yours today and SAVE 20%!

Wilderness Voyageurs Outfitters

103 Garret Street, Ohiopyle PA 15470



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Erin Graber, Wilderness Voyageurs new bike tour manager

Bill Hall, our beloved bike tour manager, moved away to the mountains of Idaho this summer. We’ll miss him, but we’ve got a bright new face filling in–Erin Graber.

Erin Graber

While working on her business administration degree at Shepherd University, Erin Graber spent her weekends guiding rafts on the Shenandoah River. After college, she moved to Morgantown, WV to sell outdoor gear at Pathfinder. She got her sweat on at Power Yoga Morgantown every week and made friends with the owners, a pair of boaters from Ohiopyle.  Through them, Graber hooked up with Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle and trained to guide on the Youghiogheny.

“I just love the whitewater industry and the people associated with it,” she says with a characteristic, sweet smile. “And the staff is like family. We take care of business and have as much fun as we can while doing it.”


But Graber has another passion—cycling.

“My dad’s an avid cyclist,” Graber explains, “So I’ve been biking as long as I can remember.” While she was growing up, Graber mountain biked at Cooper’s Rock State Park.  She started road riding when she moved to Morgantown. “Then I had access to all the cool bikes at Pathfinder,” she grins.

After spending a couple months rafting, she heard that Wilderness Voyageurs was hiring a new bike tour manager. So she applied. After a whirlwind interview session, Graber snagged the job. She moved out of her place in Morgantown and set up a tent in Ohiopyle. (Until she found another apartment, of course.)

Since she started working, Graber’s been able to sample a few of Wilderness Voyageurs’  cycling tours. She’s pedaled the six-day Great Allegheny Passage tour,  the GAP and C&O Canal Highlight Tour,  the Civil War Bike Tour, and the Katy Trail Tour in Missouri.  And there are more in her future.

“I love going on bike tours,” she says. “The bed and breakfast’s we stay in are awesome, and the food’s great. It sure beats living out of a tent.” She laughs.

As the new manager, Graber hopes to use her passion for outdoor travel to add some fresh new flavor to the bike tour scene. She’s working on adding some new tours to Wilderness Voyageurs’ repertoire, including one in Washington State and another in Colorado.

“Right now I’m working on an all-female bike tour that would be a mix of road and mountain biking,” she says. “I’d also love to include some yoga classes and cooking instruction. It would be fun to add in some different activities to the bike tours that would appeal to lady cyclists like me.”

The job’s got a lot of perks, especially her new company vehicle: a tricked-out Kona Rove. Plus she scored a Cannondale shop shirt (unfortunately it wasn’t the design with the humping bunnies on the collar).

Interested in “Living the Dream” and working as a bike tour guide or working in Ohiopyle. contact us at
Wilderness Voyageurs Outfitters Inc
103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle, PA 15470

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